What Jan 2022 Looked Like For Rand Network!

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3 min readFeb 1, 2022


We’ve kicked off the year with a big momentum and we’d like to extend a massive shoutout to our incredible community for being a part of the journey!

Here are some highlights from the month of Jan!

Rand App & Development

  1. We have officially begun our final testing stages of the Rand App on iOS and Android, and are reaching the end of our development stage!

With over 50,000 users on the apps waitlist, we couldn’t be more excited to bring Rand App v1.0 to the market!

Rand In The News

We’re excited to see some great names in the crypto and Defi space talking about Rand!

Crypto WendyO shares her thoughts on Rand Network:

CryptoRick shares his thoughts on the Rand App and team:

Rand Network Raises $2.3M

Thanks to our amazing backers, we closed out, and made our official public announcement for our previous fundraising round. We closed out the round with a raise of $2.3M, which will help the Rand team drive the project forward and have a massive launch for our token, and the Rand App!

Rand Network has received impressive support from industry leaders. Leading our second round of fundraising was DFG.

Commenting on their recent support for Rand Network, CEO & Founder of DFG, James Wo said,

“One of the most important educational aspects that have come with the rise of cryptocurrencies is the need for people around the world to become financially literate and understand the risk/reward ratio of how they manage their money. Rand Network is addressing next-generation demands for efficient financial gateways with low friction which is a very much needed method to empower future generations to understand how to achieve financial freedom.”

Other notable investors such as Outlier Ventures, Long Hash, MEXC, Jsquare, and more. Rand was able to fundraise a total of $2.3 Million, and the team is allocating these funds raised toward their app development, building their team, and marketing initiatives.

Weekly Community AMAs

The Rand exec team launched its first weekly community AMA sessions!

Every week we’ll be hosting a private AMA for our community on Discord where you’ll be able to receive exclusive updates, and take part in fun giveaways every week!

Congratulations to all our winners from the first sessions!

Be sure to join our Telegram channel to stay up to date with the weekly AMAs.

Security Audits

At Rand, security for our users is our #1 priority! We’re excited to have announced our partnerships with Keyko and Hacken for security audits, to ensure that our users feel safe earning and storing funds within the Rand App.

Since day one of its inception, Keyko has worked closely with the Rand team, helping to perfect Tokenomics design and protect against potential security vulnerabilities.

This partnership represents another step forward as Rand gears up to ensure a secure and exciting launch of the Rand app by the end of this Q1.

Keyko, as part of their end-to-end engagement, provided smart contract audit support of the RAND contracts for both private and public vaults.

Who is Keyko?

Aside from being one of the more well-known firms in the space, Keyko is a Web 3.0 solutions provider offering integrated decentralized solutions and advisory for enterprises and startups. We thrive on providing organizations and individuals insights into this emerging digital world where capitalism and ownership are being profoundly rethought.

Who is Hacken?

The primary scope of this security audit with Hacken is to identify any vulnerabilities affecting the Rand’s on-chain smart contracts, specifically contracts deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet and Moonbeam Parachain, for contract addresses that will be listed in the public roadmap documents very soon.

This list is evolving and may change as new contracts are deployed, or as existing contracts are removed from usage. Vulnerabilities in contracts built on top of the Protocol by third-party developers (such as smart contract wallets) are not in-scope, nor are vulnerabilities that require ownership of an admin key.

The secondary scope of the audit is for vulnerabilities affecting the Rand Interface (that will also be published by the end of Q1, 2022).

About Hacken:

Hacken is a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. Hacken Cybersecurity Services is a part of Hacken Group, including CER.live, HackenAI, and HackenProof



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